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The Children's Panel - life changing

CHS vision, mission and values

Central to the National Standards for the Children's Panel are CHS’ vision, mission and values.

Our vision

is of a Children’s Hearings System where everyone works together, making sure that all children and young people are cared for and protected, and their views are heard, respected and valued.

Our mission

is to improve outcomes and experiences for children and young people in Scotland who may be at risk. We will do this by supporting the Children’s Panel, working with partners and using our influence to drive improvements across the Children’s Hearings System.

Our values:

CHS values logo


Child centred – making sure everything we do is in the best interests of children and young people.

Respectful – treating children, young people, their families, partners and each other with care and consideration.

Fair – making sure that everyone is treated with dignity and according to their individual needs; that our information and services are accessible to all; that we provide a consistent level of service to all.

Creative – considering innovative and imaginative ways of approaching the issues we face in the work we do.

Challenging – not being complacent, but questioning ourselves and others to help us improve.

Open – listening, responding to and learning from feedback; acting honestly; ensuring processes are transparent; sharing information and being accountable for our actions and decisions.