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The Children's Panel - life changing

Our corporate identity

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Our corporate identity is very important as it differentiates us from other public bodies and visually represents and communicates our values of being child-centred, respectful, fair, creative, challenging and open.

There are three main elements to our corporate identity:

  • the brand/logo and associated design elements - which help with the identification and recognition of CHS
  • the strapline 'The Children's Panel - life changing'
  • the National Standards for the Children's Panel - which incorporates CHS' mission, vision and values and sets the tone and culture of the organisation

When the elements of the CHS corporate identity are applied correctly, they reinforce our corporate values and presence as a public body committed to improving the outcomes and experiences for children and young people in Scotland.

CHS Brand Guidelines

The purpose of CHS’ Brand Guidelines is to provide guidance on using the components of CHS’ corporate identity to achieve a clear and consistent standard of presentation across all communications that are produced.

The guidelines detail how to use the various elements of CHS’ corporate identity correctly. They cover using our logo and secondary logos, our corporate colours and the CHS fonts. Correct usage of these elements ensures that CHS’ corporate identity is consistently applied and our brand is strengthened.

Our logo

The CHS logo should not be used for any reason without the express permission of CHS. For guidance on the correct application of the CHS logo please consult our Brand Guidelines.

If you would like permission to use the CHS logo, a copy of the CHS logo or if you have any queries, please contact communications@chs.gov.uk